Assassin’s Creed Origins – I Am

Narrated by the same actor who plays the protagonist in Origins, the trailer sets the scene pretty well, especially when dealing with a secretive organisation like the Assassins.

Spend two minutes with this Assassin’s Creed Origins live action trailer and you may be sold on the game’s vision.

Ubisoft usually produces live action trailers to accompany the launch of its games, but this is one on another level. With Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ release date getting closer, the publisher has put out a live action treatment of the game’s story.

The trailer is well-produced, showing a mostly accurate version of ancient Egypt. It’s set to Nicholas Britell’s The Middle of the World, which you may have previously heard in the film Moonlight.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Client Account Managers: Geoffroy Sardin, Guillaume Carmona, Clément Prevosto, Pierre Miazga
Account Managers: Marie-Elise Archambaud, Karl Come-Corneille
Game Advisor: Alban 404
Strategic Planning: Sébastien Genty, Dominique Castellano
Executive Creative Director: Alexander Kalchev
Art Director & Copywriter: Jean Weessa, Mélanie Pennec
Head of TV Production: Sophie Megrous
Post-Producer: Jérôme Deplatiere
Production: Insurrection, Somesuch
Director: Daniel Wolfe
Executive Producer: Erinn Lotthe Guillon
Line Producer: Aurélie Bruneau, Lee Groomridge
Sound Producer: THE
Music Supervisor: Alexandre Rabia
Post-Production Mastering: Stéphanie Mollet / Mikros
VFX / Design: The Mill
VFX Executive Producer: Misha Stanford-Harris
VFX Producer: Justin Stiebel
Shoot Supervisor / VFX Creative Director / 2D Lead Artist: Dan Williams
Shoot Supervisor / 3D Lead Artist: Sid Harrington Odedra
2D Artists: Carl Norton, Georgina Ford, David Wishart, Paul Wratten, Adam Fenwick
3D Artists: Hugo Jackson, Jacques Leyreloup, Kieran Russell, Francesco Pelosi, Dan Yargici, Nico Domerego, Edward Hicks, Giacomo Cavalletti, Amaan Akram
Matte Painting: Can Y. Sanalan

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