Budweiser – Fist Bump Is Out

One man brings back Bud Light for his friends and then attempts to give a fist bump handshake to one of them. His friend declines and tells them that the fist bump is out. When the man asks what is in his friend slaps in him in the face. The man, once slapped, responds by saying, “cool” and slapping his friend back, who in turn slaps the third man at the pool table. We are then shown several scenes of people happily slapping:
Two men at a bowling alley
Basketball players
Two men at a BBQ cookout
A bride and a bride’s maid
Two college aged guys at a party
People at a used car lot
Chefs in a kitchen.
The last scene of slapping though shows a man slapping his boss after he is congratulated for doing a good job. The boss doesn’t appear to be in on the new greeting and looks shocked.

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