This campaign recollects Brazil’s worst environmental disaster.

In November 2015, a mining dam folded within the town of Mariana, Brazil. forty billion liters of cyanogenetic mud destroyed villages, left nineteen folks dead, lots of homeless, and flowed down 600 km to the ocean, killing fish, flora and aquatic life, contaminating water sources in thirty cities on the approach.

Two years post the tragedy, folks have forgotten what happened. The news doesn’t cowl the topic any longer. Yet, no company or person has been reprimanded. Just 2% of green areas and 10% of water sources are recovered. 1/2 the folks didn’t receive emergency facilities. Also, the final compensation for permanent damages have nonetheless to be outlined by Brazilian justice system.

To raise awareness and bring back the topic into the spotlight once more, the #DontForgetMariana movement was initiated.

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