Hyundai – Life Is Brilliant

Hyundai Motor India has propelled its first corporate campaign in the Indian market. Through this campaign is titled ‘Life is Brilliant’, the Korea-based vehicle producer is hoping to set up an enthusiastic association with the Indian consumers.

The film opens with a kid awakening amidst the night to ask his father when his mother would return. As the two-minute film goes on, the kid over and again asks the same question to his dad, just to get an alternate reaction each time. In the later part of the Ad, the father-son duo appears by the stream. The father is at a shown at a shop purchasing something, while the child converts a paper to watercraft.

On the pontoon is a banner which conveys a message to his mom which peruses, ‘Come soon, Mumma’. As the child drops it into the waterway, the father sees this. He looks towards his Hyundai Xcent. Next, he’s demonstrated driving by the wide open while the kid is thinking about the rearward sitting arrangement. At the point when the kid gets up in the morning, he’s wonderfully shocked to see his mom before him. He asks his mother how she returned home, to which she answers, ‘On the boat, you had sent for me’. The film closes with the super ‘Life is Brilliant’.


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