Mcdonald’s Ollies Ad


Description of the Project:
This 2013’s campaign positioned McDonald’s as the perfect food outlet for children’s birthday parties. The executions again highlighted the fact that kids & kids’ parties can be destructive to one’s house. So why not spare your home and have your child’s party at McDonald’s instead?

From child-minding, kid’s entertainment, decoration and birthday cakes to Happy Meal party packs for guests, McDonald’s is far more than just a fast-food restaurant.

This Ad won the London International Awards in 2013. This Print Ad campaign has three child characters viz Ollie, Abigail & Matthew which McDonald’s assures to take care of.

Advertising Agency: DDB, South Africa
Creative Directors: Liam Wielopolski, Grant Jacobsen
Copywriter: Matthew Berge
Art Director: Hital Pandya
Photographer / Illustrator: Carioca

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