M&M – Bad Passengers

M&M debuted their product in this commercial aired during the Super Bowl 2019 on February 2nd, 2019. In this 30 secs Super Bowl commercial, they have promoted their all new chocolate bar stuffed with mini candies.

This commercial titled as “Bad Passengers” is created by BBDO, New York and directed by Craig Gillespie, features the popular M&M characters- Red, Yellow and Orange, misbehaving at the backseat of the car and Christina Applegate played the role of the annoyed driver where Applegate is dealing with squabbling passengers at the back seat who are just not behaving and she threatens to break the passengers apart, or worse eat them alive. But finally it’s revealed that the bickering is coming from M&M Red, Yellow and Orange who are stuck in the M&M chocolate bar. And of course, they opt to be broken apart rather than eaten alive.

According to #emotionAI company Realeyes data released on February 4, 2019, which uses webcams and other face reading technology to rank this year’s Super Bowl ads based on how much attention and emotional engagement they have generated from the viewers.

Realeyes, whose AI has helped brands such as Coca-cola and Hersheys to maximise the impact of their video marketing, found the M&M Super Bowl 2019 commercial was the most engaging ad aired during the Super Bowl Big game on February 2, 2019.

The 30 secs commercial featuring Applegate and the M&M characters, attracted an overall score measuring emotional impact and level of attention of 9.72 out of 10. 

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