Samsung – Growing Up

Apple, from being a pioneer of smartphone innovations, is now a laggard adopting most of the technologies first implemented by Samsung. In this Ad, Samsung makes fun of Apple by showing everyone how late Apple is in implementing the waterproof and bezel-less technology.

Apple embraces each component long after Samsung. Regardless of whether that is camera quality, remote charging, bigger screen, and so on.

In this most recent Ad, our hero grows up from purchasing the first iPhone in 2007, to holding up in lines, ‘enduring’ with the dongle for the earphone jack-less iPhone 7, and more before at long last changing to Samsung in a glad ever-subsequent to closure.

Your interpretation of the 60 seconds beneath is probably going to be down to whichever versatile group you relate to, however, it is certainly one of Samsung’s best hits at Apple to date.

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