WeatherTech- Scout

WeatherTech has always been very well known for their car mats. This year during the SuperBowl 2019 they showcased their recently introduced product line- PetComfort, which is about the pet feeding bowls and other pet supplies.

The ad features Scout- a 6 years old David MacNeil’s pup, who is the star of the ad, as he makes an adorable entry with Cooper MacNeil and patrols the factory sniffing the products ensuring the standards of PetComfort.

David MacNeil, who has also made a cameo in the ad, got the idea of developing a pet feeding system after he lost his three dogs due to cancer and began researching toxins contained pet bowls and other pet products. 

In a conversation with Forbes, MacNeil said “People have assumed that products coming from overseas met some type of regulation that assured the safety of it, but as far as we can find, there are no government regulations for non-human bowls. Its wild, wild west as far as what pets can get. It could be safe, or it could be radioactive.”

This 45 secs spot broadcast, aired on 3rd February during the first half of the SuperBowl 2019, is made in conjunction with Pinnacle Advertising. MacNeil paid for an additional 15secs over the usual 30secs slots at a cost of an estimated extra $2 million, just to make sure viewers gets the complex message.

“We want to continue to remind people about WeatherTech and want to obviously introduce PetComfort. So that’s why we went for a longer commercial. We didn’t want to compromise one over the other.” said MacNeil.

On the same MacNeil also planned to run the ad during ‘Puppy Bowl’ on Animal Planet, which occurs simultaneously with halftime of the SuperBowl 2019 telecast. “A million people turn there during halftime,” he said. About 85 percent of the content of that 30 secs ad will be devoted to PetComfort, added MacNeil.


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