The Hero- A Bollywood Story

“A father is a son’s first friend and a daughter’s first love”. And now some fun facts, so do you know when was the first time Father’s Day was celebrated?

1910, yes the year 1910 on the third Sunday of June was the first time when Father’s Day was celebrated in America, founded by Sonora Smart Dodd. And since then Father’s Day became a day to celebrate the Fatherhood and paternal bond, as well as the influence of father in the society.

And so we chose this brilliant and beautifully heart touching ad film by Google, titled- ‘The Hero- A Bollywood Story’ to say Happy Father’s Day. Although this ad film is not a Father’s Day campaign, but it was released just in time of the occasion.

The ad has been conceptualised by Google Creative agency- Lowe Lintas Delhi, featuring brilliant actors Vicky Kaushal and Nandu Madhav, released in 2016. It showcases an emotional bond shared by a father and son and their journey of rediscovering the forgotten dream of father of becoming a Bollywood hero. The agency has also very creatively showcased the rich immersive search experience that Google brings forward for its customers.

And the same time it also highlights that, fulfilling dreams is just not a father’s duty, they have dreams too which are about them but sometime they gets forgotten beneath their duties and responsibilities. And so sometime it’s the kids who need to take that much needed call of making their fathers live their dreams.

Happy Father’s Day.

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