The New Art Of Marketing Coworking Spaces


The Coworking industry, has been growing as the demand for convenient and flexible work spaces is on the rise. This sector has now become one of the greatest targets for entrepreneurial pursuits. The competition here is growing each day and you need to have an edge over those who offer the same service as you do. This is where effective formation and use of your marketing strategies come in.

Marketing does not end merely after your product is delivered to the customer. Once the brand is established, you don’t stop there. It is absolutely essential to adopt a necessary marketing strategies to build and sustain your business.

In order to make your venture successful, you need to build awareness and curiosity around it, and be visible among your competitors. It is essential to have a USP which makes your brand stand out, but what is more important is communicating the same to your target market in ways more than one.

Most of our readers we surveyed, consider marketing as a single transaction channel for customers acquisition. What we mean by this is that, people think lets build an Adwords campaign, get some clicks, convert 10-20% of these clicks to potentials and then move to offline channels to close these leads. Well this has worked in past, and continues to work in present for many small organizations, but it is a very human intensive process. If you’re a small organisation and want to do to acquire up to 10-15 customers, you should go ahead with this. If you’re looking for higher numbers, you need to do more than acquiring leads.

1. Digital Marketing should not be a Single Transaction Channel for on-boarding your customers.  

Customer on boarding is a new art which  Coworking owners need to learn. After acquiring the leads you need to follow a detailed step by step digital automation procedure to get visits to your coworking space and eventually close the deal. We’ll briefly tell you about your brand awareness, lead acquisition and “the secret” beyond these steps.

While most of the small co-working spaces are taking the plunge with Google Adwords for lead generation, using Local SEO is more feasible for them. In the digital era, where companies strive for a positive online presence, the usage of Local SEO is growing significant each day. After registering on Google My Business, your business will not only appear on the Google Maps, but also appear in Google search results with relevant information and images. Local Search engine optimization hits the market in your vicinity, making sure that the service reaches to those who need of it. Additionally, if you have sufficient number of good reviews, your business will have a dominating presence over the others in local search results and directories.

While large co- working spaces, comprising of multiple centers,  should also give initial focus on Local SEO, they should quickly move to Search Advertising and next launch Display ad campaigns on Google Adwords.

2. Google Search Ads Are the best!

A form of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising where the prospective customer types in specific keywords to search a product or service and an advertisement relevant to those keywords is shown on the search engine results page. Here the advertiser will only pay when the prospective customer clicks on the displayed advertisement. This method is a feasible way to compete with big companies offering the same service in the local market.

3. Traditional Display Re-marketing is not what you seek!

Display Ads gives your prospective customer greater insight into what you have to offer, as the advertisement contains visual, audio and video elements. You can use logos, animations, videos and photographs which will also give the potential customer some visual relief from just a textual advertising message and pique their interest in what you have to say.

That sounded like a cliche’? Good, it should! When it comes to display ads, targeting is a big pain for most of the marketers out there. You need to quickly find the right target audience before you burn an irreparable hole in your pocket.


                                   how display campaigns work


There will be many customers who will click display ads, visit your website, and will leave without taking any further course of action. To control this high bounce rate email re-marketing comes in – a new inclusion in Google and Facebook Display Advertising. Make a list of customers who actively subscribed on your website and show ads to them when they read news, shop on an E-commerce platform, or watch their favorite Youtube channel.                                                  

Display Keywords is another form of Display Targeting. Display Planner will allow you to list down all the display keywords related to your business and Google will show your ads on sites that will be relevant to the chosen keywords or that have exactly those keyword. We tried this, but unfortunately this only worked for us with managed placements. 

Managed placement helps you show your Ads on hand picked websites (registered on google display network) where you to think your customers can be found. However, lets not forget, with 1000s of pages, websites are gigantic these days. You need to place your display ads on selected pages of these selected websites. Sounds daunting? If you do it manually, it is more daunting than it sounds. That is why we recommend you to use an intersection of both display keywords and managed placements. This has helped us better confine our targets and reduce our bounce rates by 30%. This worked for us!

4. Single welcome Emails and SMSs are not enough

We have all received “Thank you for your registration” emails on our smartphones. Coworking is a long term business with recurring transactions. A simple thank you message is not enough. You need to send an automated series of Emails and SMSes based on your user’s engagement. Let see how to do this:

After you sent a “Thank you for your registration” email check if your users opened your mail. If they did open, send them an E-brochure, which is more direct towards your sales objective. If they did not open your email, you need to engage them more by sending them some a video or a good written blog. See the screen shot below to understand these Drip campaigns better. Do not bombard your customers with messages. The messaging should be properly timed.

These digital marketing strategies will not only help you streamline your customer on boarding process, but also sustain your clientele in the long run, without burning a hole in your pocket.

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