Volvos Are Rubbish

Volvo is continually seeking new ways to reduce our environmental impact across the board, and to demonstrate this intention they built the demo version of the XC60-T8 plug in hybrid, which made its debut at the Ocean Summit, at Volvo Ocean Race Gothenburg Stopover. The race focuses on sustainability is in partnership with the United Nations Environment’s Clean Seas campaign, which asks individual, governments and businesses to ‘Turn the Tide on Plastic’.

With their this very quirky and catchy tag line ‘Volvos Are Rubbish’, in this print ad by Grey, London. The ad agency is very effectively highlighting the company’s ambition of increasing use of recycled plastics in it’s cars by 2025.

The XC60 looks almost identical to the existing model, but has had over 60 kilos of its plastic parts replaced with parts made of recycled material.

The company ambition that at least 25% of all plastics, which is 170 plastic parts in cars launched after 2025 will be made of recycled materials, like the tunnel console that runs down the centre of the front seats, will be made from renewable fibres and plastics from discarded fishing nets and maritime ropes.

Martina Buchhauser, the Senior Vice President, Procurement, stated that “This car demonstrates our commitment to our recycled plastics ambition and how, together with our supply base, we can make it without compromising on quality and design.”

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