Why is our world behind marketing automation?

Well, our world is behind automating everything repetitive and everything we humans don’t want to do ourselves. For marketing automation, it is the repetitive manual communications which can be defined in a 5-stepped process. Most of the people know these steps:

  • Drive traffic to your store.
  • Convert visitors to leads by gaining relevant contact information.
  • Categorize and qualify leads to potentials.
  • Follow through the requirement and convert a potential to a customer
  • Keep your customers engaged and bring your customers back.


Properly timed and contextual communications in the form of push notifications, SMSs, emails, or display ads, always positively impacts your ROI. You should use Marketing automation to build personalized experiences across all customer touchpoints—from consideration to purchase and after sales relationship.

Which part of my sales funnel can be automated?

While some organization support that marketing automation works only for middle and bottom of the funnel, I have seen it work for top of the funnel too. You can automate any of the steps above.

Godaddy has been leveraging marketing automation for top of the funnel. They’ve optimized their websites and social channels for business relevant keywords which brings them constant traffic. Their website welcomes you based on your geolocation and regional language. It dynamically gives you monetary discounts in your country’s currency.

I remember their very famous campaign where they were motivating potential customers to buy domains of their very own name. This campaign was successful world-wide partly because people read names of other people they could relate to.

However, not all of their webstore visitors became a customer. They definitely followed them back by automated emails, blog sliders, surveys and by remarketing ads. They are still doing it which proves the result of these initiatives are certainly better than not taking them at the first place.

Should you use marketing automation?

Identify nature of your business. If you believe your business thrives on repeat customers, or if you believe word of mouth is a very valuable for your success then you should use marketing automation. 99% of the companies I know would agree both repeat transactions and word of mouth communication is key to their success.

Check your marketing budget: Marketing automation softwares such as Hubspot, Eloqua, or Web-engage come at a cost. If these tools are beyond your budget, you should not shy away from doing the manual stuff. Marketing automation, just like any automation will help you scale. Nevertheless, to scale, many times you need first do things which does not scale.

Which marketing automation tool to use?

Identify which marketing channels you want to automate and choose one from the list below:

  • Marketo
  • Infusionsoft
  • Teradata
  • Pardot
  • Oracle’s Eloqua
  • IBM’s unica
  • Microsoft’s Dynamics 365
  • Customer.io
  • HubSpot
  • Mailchimp
  • AdRoll
  • Pica9
  • Renderforest


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